Bison Sync Desktop – Installation Instructions

Log into the new machine/account and reinstall the Bison Sync:

You will need the following information for the install, if you do not have these, please contact Bison Analytics:

Your Bison Sync Serial Key and Security Code

The Bison Sync installer can be downloaded from this link: Bison Sync Download

  1. Double-click on the Bison Sync install file.
  2. After the installer opens, click Next
  3. Enter in your unique Serial Key and click Next
  4. READ and Accept the Terms of agreement and click Next
  5. Use the Default File Location. DO NOT INSTALL TO THE DESKTOP!
  6. Click Next
  7. Click Next on the following page to Install
  8. It will install the QuickBooks SDK if necessary
    1. It may open a User Account Control screen, enter the password (if necessary) and continue.
    2. It may display the following screens. Click the Next and Continue buttons to continue the installation.  Sometimes the screens open behind other screens, so watch the taskbar at the bottom for additional icons indicating other screens are open. When the SDK install is finished, close those screens, the normal ‘Bison Sync has been Successfully Installed’ screen will display.
  9. After install has completed, Click Close
  10. After completion, the Bison Sync will automatically install on the:
    1. Desktop (shortcut)
    2. Start Orb (shortcut)
  11. Double-click on the Bison Sync shortcut to open the Bison Sync
  12. The following screen will appear. Enter your serial key (if it does not default) and security code and click the register button. If it is valid, then click the close button and the application will continue to open.

You will need to locate your company file(s).

Here are the instructions for Associating (or Re-Associating) your company files: How to Associate a QuickBooks Company File with the Bison Sync

To set up the Task Schedule, following the instructions here: How to Set Up Sync Schedule