Moving Bison Sync to a Different Machine or Windows Account

Delete the scheduled task from the OLD machine:

Open Windows Task Scheduler on the old machine/account, click on the Task Scheduler Library and find the BisonSync<nnn> task, right click on it and Delete it

Log into the new machine/account and reinstall the Bison Sync:

The Bison Sync installer can be downloaded from this link: Bison Sync Download

You will need the following information for the install, if you do not have these, please contact Bison Analytics:

Your Bison Sync Serial Key and Security Code

After installing the Bison Sync, open the Bison Sync, enter your Serial Key and Security Code

Set up the Task Schedule again, following the instructions here: How to Set Up Sync Schedule

You will need to relocate your company files to be sure we have the correct location and to be sure the QuickBooks authorization is correct.

Here are the instructions for Associating (or Re-Associating) your company files: How to Associate a QuickBooks Company File with the Bison Sync