How to End QBW32 Process

The Bison Sync can’t run a scheduled sync if there is already a QuickBooks process (QBW32.exe) running on that machine. It can conflict with the Bison Sync trying to open the connection to the company file. The following option will end any other running QBW32 processes on the machine and allow the scheduled sync to occur.


1. Open QuckBooks, select Edit>Preferences  and ensure ‘Keep QuickBooks running for Quick startups’ is unchecked


2.Open the Bison sync and click CTRL-SHIFT-F1 keys at the same time. Check the ‘Kill QBW32 during scheduled sync’


3.Click Save and then Close

This option will only affect QBW32 processes running on the machine running the Bison Sync, it will not end any QuickBooks processes running on other machines.