How to Resolve Scheduled Task Issues

There are some settings that can be adjusted to help resolve scheduled sync issues:

The Windows user MUST be logged on with an active windows session for the Bison Sync to successfully open and read from the company file. Please be sure that the user is not automatically logged off or put into hibernation mode before the scheduled sync task runs.  The user session can be ‘locked’.

Check the task in Task Scheduler

Open Windows Task Scheduler and locate the task named BisonSync<nnn >.

Check that the option ‘Run only when user is logged on’ is selected

Check that the ‘Configure for:’ selection matches your machine

If either of these is not correct, see below for instructions to change the values.

To change the task, right click on the task and choose the Properties option


Select the ‘Run only when user is logged on’ option


Select the ‘Configure for:’ option that is closest to your machine

Click Ok to save changes

Issues Opening the QuickBooks Company Files


There are times when QuickBooks does not close properly and leaves a background QuickBooks process that can cause these issues. Some of the following issues are caused by this:

  • The scheduled task starts but does not sync all company files or hangs between company files
  • Bison Sync error messages such as: Could Not Open QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks – Unrecoverable Error



To help resolve these issues, there is an option you can check, and it will automatically end any QuickBooks processes that are running on the same machine when it tries to sync each company file.

  • Open the Bison Sync, click CTRL-SHIFT-F1 keys all at the same time, and the following screen will show up, you can click the box at the bottom to ‘Kill QBW32 during scheduled sync’ and Save Settings. Be sure if this user makes changes in QuickBooks, that they save any changes made and close QuickBooks before the scheduled syncs run at night.