How to Set Up the Bison Sync Schedule

Open the Bison Sync and locate the Task Schedule section in the middle

Choose frequency (daily, weekly, weekday, monthly and Time)

If the schedule is set to be every weekday before 7AM, the sync will actually happen Tuesday through Saturday, at the desired time, in order to capture Monday and Friday data.

If there are QB Automatic processes, schedule the Bison Sync to run AFTER those processes.

Please note that the “clock” next to Schedule Time run on military time or a 24-hour cycle

Enter WINDOWS Username and Password (the local machine admin or log in password that was used previously) and click on Save Schedule.

Once the schedule has been recognized, a success window will pop up, click OK to continue

Open Windows Task Scheduler and locate the task named BisonSync<nnn >.

Check that the option ‘Run only when user is logged on’ is selected

Check that the ‘Configure for:’ selection matches your machine

If either of these is not correct, see below for instructions to change the values.

To change the task, right click on the task and choose the Properties option


Select the ‘Run only when user is logged on’ option


Select the ‘Configure for:’ option that is closest to your machine

Click Ok to save changes