How to Create and Share Notes

When reviewing a report, you may want to point out or highlight a specific item on the report. This is easily done in the Bison Portal.

1. Open the report

a. Right-click on the area or point of interest you would like to add an annotation to

b. Click on Annotate Point

How to Create and Share Notes1

2. Inside of the Annotation text box

a. Type the note you wish to accompany the specific point or area

b. Click OK

 How to Create and Share Notes2

            3. After the Annotation has been added, you can click and drag it anywhere on the screen 4. In the upper right-hand corner

a. Click on the Bookmark button

b. Choose Save As New Bookmark

How to Create and Share Notes4

5. On the next screen

a. Give your Annotation a name

b. Chose to either have the Annotation be set to

i. Private – only you can see it

ii. Shared – can be seen by other users

c. If you choose to set the annotation as Shared

i. Click on the drop down box and chose who you wish to share the annotation with

d. Click OK

6. Now a user that is a part of the group you shared the Annotation with, logs in and views the report, they can click on the Bookmark button and click on the new Annotation listed in the event tree How to Create and Share Notes7

7. The new Annotation will automatically generate and be available for you to view 8. In order to hide the Annotation after you have read the note

a. Click on the How to Create and Share Notes8button in the right hand corner of the report