How to Add Line Breaks to Tool Tips within the Bison System

Tool Tips on Charts can be a way to add extra information to the data displayed on a chart or graph. However, sometimes getting the data to display in the manner you wish, can be tricky.

1. To enter a Line Break into a Tool Tip

2. Click on the Customize button next to Tool Tip

3. Click on the Custom radio button

4. Using the Index References from the bottom of the page, begin to build your Tool Tip

5. As you are writing out your Tool Tip, in order to add a carriage return or add a new line to the tip

a. Type <br> in front of the script you wish to show up on a new line

b. Typing in {2}<br>{1} will display the data as follows

6. Your data now appears in 2 rows and is much easier to read