Sorting Freehand Tables – Work Around

Issue: You have 2 columns ( Name and Dates) and you want to sort on the second column (Dates) but the Freehand table does not appear to recognize the sort


1. Insert a new column before the Names column

How to Sort Freehand Tables1

2. Drop the Dates Field (Same as the column to the right of Names) in the new cell/column you just created

How to Sort Freehand Tables2

3. Click on the Edit button next to Group

4. Change the Sort to the direction you want to sort your data (you do not need to select the “Of Value” criteria)

How to Sort Freehand Tables3

5. Navigate back to the Viewsheet (by pressing the green Play button)

6. Now your data will be sorted by the date. However,the Dates will be in the second column, not the first

7. Right-click on the cell of the new Date column and choose Format

8. Navigate to the Color tab; click on the Static Color Palette; choose the color the matches the cell background and click

How to Sort Freehand Tables5

9. This will made your data invisible

10. Click on the Border Tab; under Style, choose NONE and click on the Border in the upper right-hand corner. Click OK

How to Sort Freehand Tables6

11. Back on the Viewsheet, you will want to shrink the first column to as small as you can make it


12. You have now successfully worked around the sorting issue by creating a twin column and hiding it

How to Sort Freehand Tables8