Mapping Charts of Accounts In the Bison System

To work properly inside Bison, Mapping Tables must follow a specific format. Please take note of the following:
  • If Bison Pro Services is assisting with your report, we must have Mapping Tables in this format to begin the project.
  • The account number/name/description tag in the mapping table must precisely match the QuickBooks file or the mapping will break.
  • You must map all accounts that have transactions, no matter the level, OR
  • Bison can map at a higher level if you want to do so, but all lower level accounts will be mapped the same as the parent account without exception.
  • We accept Mappings based on Account Name, Account Number, or a tag in the Account Description, similar to $$XYZ Expense$$.
  • Additional and Optional Levels Of Hierarchy Can Be Provided as columns in the table.
  • Unmapped accounts will not be included.
  • We can create an additional report to highlight missed mappings, but we do not research mapping table issues for free.
  • We can update these files for you for a nominal charge when you send them to us, or you can get a Special Creator License to upload the changes yourself.
  • If you are syncing multiple QuickBooks Company Files and you would like different Chart of Account Mappings included for each Company File, add a new first column in your Excel entitled “QuickBooks Company File Alias” and place the Bison Alias in that column.
  • Finally, if you need assistance from Bison’s Pro Services, please feel free to reach out to us by opening a ticket. We may be able to provide you a solid starting point for your mapping.
Mapping Table Example:

(Click the image to download a sample template)